The recordings included here are intended to provide some insight into the people, the places, and the events that have made Sachse what it is today .... AND what it is becoming.

Various interviews have been conducted, and others are planned that will be included here.

If you have a video, an audio tape, or other form of media, please let us know. We will be happy to include any appropriate content.

Whatever is included must be copyright-free and be provided with the full knowledge that this is a very public forum. Information posted here is INTENDED to be available to anyone who wishes to see and/or hear it.

The Sachse Historical Society reserves the right to be the sole agent for determining the content and whether to post or not to post a submission.

Lloyd Henderson, Vice President
lloyd henderson
Mayor Mike Felix
Mayor Felix
Jim Becker
Jim Becker
Odie Hall
video coming soon Odie Hall
Dr. Fuller, Superintendent Wylie ISD
video coming soon Dr. Fuller
Patty Montagno, Sachse News
video coming soon Patty Montagno
Scott Whitfield
video coming soon Scott Whitfield
Victoria Shaw - Sachse United Methodist Church business manager
video coming soon Victoria Shaw
Police Chief Dennis Veach
video coming soon Police Chief Dennis Veach
Steve Stanley
video coming soon Steve Stanley
Roger Brand
Roger Brand
General Charles and Mrs. Jackie Eichelberger
video coming soon General Charles and Mrs. Jackie Eichelberger
Anita Collins
Anita Collins
Stephen Hammerle - Sachse High School principal
Stephen Hammerle